Automotive industry now might hope a new eclipse this 2016 for reaching the record of car selling due to the cheap gasoline makes it profitable for the companies to expect the highest selling. Reported by the Wall Street Journal, last 2015, U.S was likely to make a record with 17.5 million vehicles. This 2016 is supposed to be the healthier market with cheap gasoline and labor market along with the low-interest rates; this creates a more profitable selling of vehicle purchase with the rising average cost.

best car to pick in this year

Buyers are now hitting the showroom planning on spending their budget to buy the new car. It is a fresh air to the automotive industry getting people so excited to pick one of them despite having such a hobbies still to be the main factors. Meanwhile, car shoppers are always never exhausted to seek the best car with various levels of them. There is no certain or exact criterions of what kind of best car in the automotive industry. We couldn’t predict how car shoppers define it. In a sudden, they decide to buy a new car once they find it in emotional appeal. But, we are trying to draw some conclusions of why they buy a new car for some reasons including their satisfaction, safety, and reliability. Indeed, many cars in the market are good to compete offering the best features that other cars might not have. Apart from that, lovers are lovers and a big fan only finds their favorite. Here is a list of best cars to pick this year.

What makes them become the topper

Automotive industry always competes on high technology that enables the user to enjoy the performance and stay safe at the same time. Here are the criterions we have found based on Consumer reports.

  • Performance which means the quality that has been tested in the road-test score
  • Owner satisfaction means a survey of user happiness. It tends to the opinions of why they would buy the car in the same company again
  • Safety is the performance of certain tests like rollover and crash that is conducted by the insurance industry or the

The best subcompact

The best subcompact goes to Honda Fit. We all already know that Honda is the one that leads the automotive industry. This year it is worth to pick the Honda Fit. Honda makes it perfect as it is thrifty with fuel with excellent interior design. It is designed with second-row seats and easy to flip up for having a more luggage. Though the tiring section due to the long drives still makes this brand becomes the Favorite. The crash-test score has also improved than before. Meanwhile, an additional advantage of easy to park makes the user feel comfortable using it. It is cheap with the cost at under $20,000.

The Best Compact Car

Then the best compact car goes to Subaru Impreza beautified by the window glass and has a larger interior space. It has intuitive control and promises the user with the safety technology. The test has resulted in 76-79 which means leading the class as the Compaq car. Additional facilities people love is the hatchback version for the bulky cargo. It works quite smart and effective.

The Best Midsized Car

People who have bought this Carmy will experience the no-fuss driving in great control and a great interior. The drivers feel comfortable as it is easy to handle. Besides, it is a fuel-friendly car that people will love to drive with.

Best Small SUV

Yes, indeed, Asia especially Japan always lead the car automotive industry as the one that is affordable and friendly to use to be driven by family. The new Subaru Forester produced by Toyota performed the best to have the roomy interior and easiness to control. It is good to hear with the lees fuel consumption. The search-test score strong makes people spend their fund to purchase this affordable car. There is no better thing except the safety performance and less fussiness.

The Best Luxury SUV

If you are the luxury car segment lovers, Lexus RX can be the best option for you. Lexus has a lot of experience as they have been involved in the automotive industries since last 20 years ago. You can find a smooth ride, comfortable cabin and easiness of handling the car. The machines show high performance made by German School, and they are successful making the user mesmerized.

Best Sport Car

If you are the sport car lovers, here is the best suggestion to you. Mazda MX-5 Miata hits the automotive industry on the low price under $40K. It combines a zoomy engine, and manual stick shift resulted in 34 mpg. It is perfect for the enthusiast driver. It enables the driver to flip up the soft-top. It is even comfortable for the taller drivers with tight quarters. You can enjoy your memorable journey through the sunny road.

The best large car

When you fall in love with the bulky car, Chevrolet Impala leads the competition in the dynamic and comfortable car. It is easy to control, and success beat the luxury rival with overcomplicated interfaces. The roomy interior is enabled to have five people inside.

Best Midsized SUV

Mostly, the midsized often appears plain, but the Kia Sorento elegantly becomes city-friendly. It less fuel consumption and the interior remains gorgeous. It has strong crash-test result let this car be the next king in its category in the automotive industry.

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