How To Wrap A Baby Correctly

how to wrap a baby correctly

SUDI and SIDS are the frightening death that should be faced by each Mom in the first months of newborn baby (during 1-12 months). The SUDI or known as the Sudden Unexpected Death mostly caused by fatal sleeping accident or sometimes it is the result of serious illness or such a condition of a serious medication effect that is brought from birth. However, they are not the immediate cause of the death and should be investigated further. Meanwhile, the SIDS is the Sudden and Unexpected Death which unknowingly happens to a baby under 12 months.… Continue reading…

Smart Tips Choosing Baby Products

Preparing baby products is the most important thing when parents are expecting a baby. Having babies has always been the dream of every married couple. Thus, the parents have to pay more attention in preparing their baby’s needs in order to give best welcoming greeting for the new family member.

Expecting babies does not only consume every parent’s emotion, energy, and time, but also money. Many parents, especially those who are expecting their first child, are often confused of how to arrange their budget for baby products. When coming to baby section in the department store or baby shops, many pregnant mothers are caught in ‘eyes hunger’ that they end up buying unnecessary stuffs just because they think that the stuffs are cute and beautiful. It will not be a problem if it only happens once or twice with small scale. Nevertheless, if it happens continuously, of course it will be a serious issue for your budgeting plan because there are still other stuffs you have to purchase. If you are one of the parents coming close to the estimated date of baby’s birth, in order to prevent over money-spending that might ruin your thrifty lifestyle, these smart tips will help you in shopping baby products.

First thing first, before going to the department store or baby shops to buy baby kits, you should make a shopping list. Before the baby is born, write down every single thing the baby will need. Make the list in details such as the name as well as the alternatives or substitutes when you cannot find the primary option. To make it easier, you can sort out some stuff into one group and some other stuff into another group. For example, you can make a group of clothing, bathing equipment, breastfeeding tools, furniture for the baby’s room, and many others. Besides making it easier for you to look for the stuff in the store, this grouping trick will keep you from forgetting to buy the stuff.

Second, after making shopping list, count the amount of the stuff you need to buy. Besides writing down the name of the stuff, it is also important to determine how many pieces of each thing needed to buy. Decide how many times you plan to wash clothes, so you can count how many clothes needed to purchase. For example, if you plan to wash clothes once a week, then you need to prepare at least 7 (days) x 2 (clothes) = 14 clothes. Why is the clothes multiplied by 2? It is for the reason that the baby often needs to change clothes several times a day because of spilled milk, taking pee, and etc. Other example, when you want to buy milk bottle, decide first how many times a day you plan to sterilize it. For your consideration, for a newborn baby, their eating schedule is every 3 – 4 or 6 – 8 times a day. It is up to you how many milk bottle you want to buy; either 3, 6, or 8. However, if you buy more bottles, it will save you more time because you can wash and sterilize them all at once.

Third, besides making a list of name and amount of the baby products, you also need paying attention to the size of those items. For example, when you are going to buy baby clothes, do not buy all clothes in one size. Due to the fact that newborn baby grows quickly, you need to buy one bigger size for the clothes for them so that it will fit on the baby. In addition, each baby clothes brand might provide different size and patter for their products, so make sure that you are fetched up with the age-guideline put down on the clothes label.

Fourth, if you do not want to wash baby clothes often, you need to buy diaper for stock. Almost the same as buying the clothes, you have to pay attention to the diaper size. Besides purchasing diaper in newborn baby size, you can buy diapers in one bigger size just in case the baby is born big so that he will not wear the newborn size for a long time.

Fifth, baby needs special treatment for their body, skin, and hair. Because baby’s skin is very sensitive, you must be careful in using cosmetic products for baby treatment to avoid any skin problem such as irritation. In choosing baby cosmetic products, safe and natural substance should be the primary consideration rather than price. Common notion that expensive product guarantee better care and that cheaper product offer less care for the baby is not necessarily true. It will be useless if you buy expensive product but it does not suitable for your baby’s skin and even makes irritation. On the other hand, if cheaper products suit your baby’s skin, then it is okay to use them. Thus, it is important to do test a product once or twice first before using it for longer time. If the baby’s skin gets irritation, reddish mark shown up, along with itchiness, then you should stop applying the product. Sixth, since expecting a baby costs a huge amount of money, you need to make a frugal budgeting plan. One of smart tips to save more money is by purchasing stuffs in big amount or size. Purchasing in big amount does cost you less money because the seller will give you less price than buying retail, some stores even provide wholesale price for those who purchase in big quantity. Some of stuffs you can buy in big amount are baby wipes, socks, diapers, gloves, and soaps. Even baby clothes can be bought in wholesale with various models in a pack.

Last, to keep your tight budget, you can consider purchasing discounted baby products. Make use special discount programs often held by stores to purchase more stuffs with less prices. However, it should be noted that you cannot buy just any discounted stuff, you should consider whether the product is urgently needed or not. You can read product reviews provided all over the net if you need any assistance in choosing baby products.