SUDI and SIDS are the frightening death that should be faced by each Mom in the first months of newborn baby (during 1-12 months). The SUDI or known as the Sudden Unexpected Death mostly caused by fatal sleeping accident or sometimes it is the result of serious illness or such a condition of a serious medication effect that is brought from birth. However, they are not the immediate cause of the death and should be investigated further. Meanwhile, the SIDS is the Sudden and Unexpected Death which unknowingly happens to a baby under 12 months. The SIDS mostly happens to a baby under 6 months. Due to these problems appear at the first ages of the newborn baby, Moms get a training of how to wrap a baby correctly.

Wrapping is commonly used by parents as they put the babies down for sleep to get them in the safe sleep pattern and avoid any accident during the sleep. Somehow, parents find wrapping is not much helpful since they don’t do it correctly of how to wrap a baby. Whereas, there are many advantages when applying it.

The advantages of wrapping a baby
The culture of swaddling to the newborn baby will increase the sleep quality. Make it longer and deeper. Professionals see it can increase the Rapid Eye Movement which means the baby gets the deeper during the 16 hours of sleep. It affects to decreasing of being awake and crying tot.

Soothing the baby
Parents take a benefit for swaddling the baby to soothe with a rapid crying that is so tiring to solve. The research showed that wrapping a baby will help parents to decrease crying up to 42% on 8 weeks of an infant. It reduces the fussiness making them remind of the womb and stay warm.

Decrease the risk of SIDS
Therefore, after delivering birth, the nurse is high concern about how to wrap a baby correctly without hurting and curtailing the air circulation. It is proven can decrease the high risk of SIDS preventing the babies to shift and fidget in sleep also prevent them ending up with the tummy. Making the babies sleep on the stomach will help them to face this unexpected death. Remember, the best time for swaddling the babies is from their first day of life until they can roll.

Somehow, parents find it difficult when their baby feels uncomfortable like the baby tries to roll. Using sleeping bag is so much helpful to avoid them from any accidental movement. Additionally, parents are not suggested to sleep with them. It is due to the certain condition from parents like having fatigue, alcohol or drugs effects that will danger the baby.

Tips of How To Wrap The Baby

how to wrap a baby correctlyCulturally wrapping the baby has been done since years ago. The study suggests the same recommendation that doing swaddling during their first stage is essential. There are many saddle blankets available with the instruction of how to wrap the baby. Many experts recommend the tips of swaddling the baby which has been summarized as follows:

Natural Position
Place the baby in a natural position by flexing the elbows, hips and knees in the proper joint. Experts recommend swaddling the baby by including hands to reach out of the month. It is purposed to help them suck on the fingers. Or, you can wrap the baby in the blanket and gives him a pacifier.

Careful Wrapping
Wrap your baby snugly but not too tightly. Ensure you still can slide the hand in the blanket and baby’s chest. A loose swaddling is nothing and less effective. Having the loose swaddling cannot prevent your him to roll on the stomach.

Choose a flexible swaddling blanket
Every baby is special and different. They have different movement. Many custom blankets are designed flexible and have a good stretch. Choose the large square blanket.

Avoid putting down your baby sleep on the tummy
The safest position for baby sleeping is putting the back for sleep. Dismiss any dangerous things around baby’s bed including toys.

Adjust the room temperature
Experts suggest your baby in 18-21°C. Also, dress the baby appropriately to avoid them being overheated. American Academy of Pediatrics suggests dressing your baby not more than one layer. They said that getting the baby hands and feet cool are okay as long as the chest and the tummy still warm. They should be dry as well. It is suggested to touch and feel the baby’s temperature often.

Choose the best blanket material
Medical professionals believe that cotton flannel is the best blanket to be used for a baby for keeping her/him comfortable. It is better to choose the largest size of a blanket so you can use it in custom.

How to wrap the baby

Wrapping a baby should be done correctly to avoid any damage of the baby sleeping including breathing problems and overheated.

Step one – The beginning step of swaddling is putting the blanket on a flat surface. Form a diamond position and fold the upper side down. Once you have finished, place the baby by making the fold under the neck.
Step two – Tuck the left corner snugly behind the baby. Make a flexed froglike position for hips and knees. Don’t straighten the baby’s joint.
Step Three – Once you have done folding the left corner, fold the bottom corner up reaching the baby’s back, behind the right shoulder. Avoid touching the baby’s cheek. It will awaken her.
The last step – Take the last corner all the way round and wrap it. Then, tuck the tail in the front.

When do we stop wrapping the baby?

Wrapping the baby is purposed to soothe and decrease the business. However, wrapping the baby should be stopped once they reach a certain stage. Mostly, swaddling will be stopped after 4 months. A baby will reject wrapping on the 6, 7, 9 months old. Somehow, some other babies still feel comfortable to sleep with a swaddling blanket at 6 months. In this case, Moms know everything when wrapping baby should be ended.

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