liquidwebThis article contains a detailed review of the key features of Liquid Web Managed WordPress (WP) Hosting. As we conclude the article, we also take a look at some cost-saving opportunities and Liquid Web coupons.


All of Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting packages include by some core features:

No Pageview/Traffic Limits

There exist no limits in terms of the traffic that your site receives as well as the number of page views. Potential revenue will not be lost in the case that one site amongst the ones you host abruptly goes viral.

Free SSL

Each site that you chose to host using the Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting will automatically come having an SSL certificate. The burden to separately purchase an SSL or contact an SSL provider is lifted off. This offer does not require you to have any Liquid Web promo code. The SSL comes in as a standard feature that needs no additional expense from your side. The SSL certificate offers reassurance to online shoppers who want to know that their personal details are protected.

Automatic WordPress Updates

WordPress has updates from time to time. If they keep updating it also means that you have to update the software that is hosting your site so as to accommodate the changes as well as to prevent crashes and bugs of plugins. When it comes to Liquid Web, they provide you with a fully managed service. They will make sure your server is always up to date with the latest software.

Developer Tools

Liquid Web is not a hunch especially when it comes to matters of developer tools. Be sure for your site to be compatible with common tools such as Git, WP-CLI, and SSH.

Daily Automatic Backups

Liquid Web offers daily automatic backups. It stores these backups for only a month, but this makes it easy to revert your site in the case of a mishap or a hack. The backups can either be restored or downloaded to your site by the use of an intuitive web-interface. Compared to other web hosting service providers who offer you daily backups in the form of promotional offers or an upgraded service, with Liquid Web you do not need a promotional coupon to access this benefit.

Secure Infrastructure

Liquid Web always aims at making sure your WordPress site is fast, reliable, and competitive. It incorporates the use of latest technologies (that include Nginx and PHP7) and it host its sites in secure data centers of its own. You are, therefore, at no risk of losing your data or having accidental shut down of your server by middlemen.

Liquid Web Discount Codes

Liquid Web has introduced discount codes that you can use and save on your hosting plan. Check out this page right here.

When you apply the coupon code “WORDPRESS33” on you will save $32.67 per month for the first 3 months.

Liquid Web offer code “BLASTOFF34” saves you $23 per month for 3 months.

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