best electronic devices ces 2016Electronic Devices companies are now competing to create not only Compaq electronic devices but also the handy ones which offer performance that is alike to the predecessors. It now turns to the high-end desktop which simplifies people to work with. As people now tend to mobile, creating electronic devices which enable them to do everything in a single click and even voicing is a big chance for the company to catch the market. It is not only for a laptop which is now possibly people will forget that since the application is always developed, but also new devices like tablet become the replacement in case people love and comfort to type on a flat device. In fact, the laptop still to be the most favorite to be a partner at the office doing everything simple, fast and structured.

Electronic Devices competition now is not only to snatch gadget lovers but also a prestige for buyers enjoying the newest technology and features in the electronic devices. Hence, it never faces an ending for gadget war like a laptop, smartphone and tablet. However, each of them always has a big fan like you will see on Apple product offering luxurious features and design could not be snatched by Samsung even Xiaomi even if they offer high specs that are alike. It is about branding and prestige rather than what the buyers need. In this case, Steve Job might be very proud of his long hard work in his whole life. However, they should be careful to a big rival like Samsung and Xiaomi, who are ready to beat them harder in the smartphone market.

Apart from the hot war among the smartphone companies, The Consumer Electronics Show marked each new launch electronic devices. They release some of best of the best for electronic devices including TVs, smartphones, laptops and some others. Let’s hope for Hp, Lenovo, Acer and all sort of them be here! Let’s get a little pick from the CES 2016 about laptops and tablets. Here are some of best of the best to be launched this year!

LG Gram 15

CES 2016 becomes the best moment for LG to reveal the LG Gram 15! But, wait, it is alike with the Apple MacBook design. The laptop had a 15.6-inch model display and been covered with magnesium alloy body. This ultra slim laptop has been measured with the slim body, 16,7 mm and has lightweight at 980g, is powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. The Display is not more than a powerful capacity of Full HD IPS and supports to run with Windows 10. The memory is great with 8GB of RAM and 256GB or says it 512GB of internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

It is lovely and effective to people who mobile more and need things that work in a single device. Let’s introduce Samsung Galaxy TaPro S, one of the best electronic devices produced by Samsung. Yes, everyone seems to love the double function of laptop and tablet at the same time. This device is run with Windows 10 2-in-1. With the slim body and the super light feature, it is designed with 12-inch and has 2160 x 1440 Super AMOLED display. The battery is powerful which can last for 10,5 hours and run well surely with Intel Core M Dual-Core processor.

Samsung launched another device like Samsung Notebook 9 Series with two types of devices supported by 15-inch and 13.3-inch. It is supported by Windows 10 and Core i7 processors. They also announced that the two devices will be available on selected market.

Lenovo Yoga 900S

It is the era of the slim and multifunction device. Lenovo never wants to get beaten by its rival. They announced the Lenovo Yoga 900S with a pencil thick and a lightweight at less than a kilogram. The device is powered by 12-inch QHD display and has 10.5-hour battery life make it almost perfect. Besides, it can be flipped and turns the display into Windows 10 tablet. An optional pen stylus and full keyboard included, the Yoga 900S is costed at $1099 in the US> Shipment is available this March.

Acer Aspire Switch 12S

We may call it as the truly two-in-one device that enables the user to have a laptop and tablet at a single device. Acer launched one of their electronic devices feature by Snap Hinge Gold that is claimed to have a quick connection to support data streaming. The body is genuinely great with 7.85mm thin of aluminum body. The processors are Intel Core M included by USB Type-C promising faster data transfer. This duo functional device is costed at $999.99 in Nort America. Meanwhile, Europe has been available at €1199.

HP Spectre x360

Accompanying some other several laptops at CES 2016, Hp Spectre x360 has a number exciting features to see. It has 13.3-inch with OLED Quad HD display. Supported with less 50g of weight and 15.9 of the slim body makes it create a good chance to catch the market. The battery will last for 9.5 hours and has 4K display becomes the reason for users to buy this device. This device is available at £1000. For you who are waiting for the smaller number of an inch at 13.3, let’s wait until next spring. Unluckily, the price has been announced yet.

HP ElliteBook Folio

Together with the HP Spectre x360, this is one of the electronic devices launched by HP at the CES to the thinnest and lightest in its class as a business notebook. It is designed with 12.4 thin and a weight less than a kilo. The laptop will last at 10 hours though it is powered by the 4K display. Luckily the price is already available this March at $999.

Well, that’s only some of them that we have summarized for you. CES indeed always offers a good chance to all of the electronic devices companies to show their latest technology to compete. It is hard, though. However, each of them will always have a big fan and exception on the features they offered. What are you going to purchase after it?

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