Smithfield FoodsAt the Smithfield the foods company, we’re passionate about feeding people it’s what we do for a living. We’re proud to take charge in the role of providing healthy, high-quality protein to many Americans who might in need through the Feeding America network of food banks.

We have always been passionate about these types of projects. They create a positive, lasting impact on communities and people in need who live all around us. For all of us at the company, coming into this role with Smithfield and helping to develop Smithfield’s Helping Hungry Homes initiative, has been a 12 year journey and its been a meaningful one

According to the USDA and this might not be common knowledge, but 42 million Americans are food insecure. That means 1 in 8 people nationwide may not know where their next meal is going to come from. We are working to change that through educating other about the issues at hand, volunteerism and contributions to people in need using different organizations through the county. From now through the end of the year, Helping Hungry Homes will provide nearly 1 million pounds of protein to the Feeding America network of food banks. This large donation will be transformed into more than 830, 000 meals for our neighbors in need.

Our Smithfield family is also dedicated to this cause by hosting food drives at our facilities and volunteering at local food banks when possible, our staff will help stock shelves and sort food items that have become available for donations. Together, we are proud to work with Feeding America to make a difference. Throughout our long-standing partnership, we have provided millions of meals to help fight hunger, which earned Smithfield Foods the recognition of Guiding Partner.

We hope our work will inspire others to join us in the fight against hunger. There is much more work to be done. It is important to become an active supporter and volunteer at your local food bank and give support to the people in need when possible. We are proud of the work we’ve done thus far to tell America’s story of food insecurity and to help aid in hunger relief effort, but we know we still have plenty of work to do and the battle isn’t over.

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