riding lawn mowerIf you are in the market for a new riding lawn mower, there are several factors to consider. Your mower should suit its job; it should be the right height, weight, width, etc. Consider, for example, the deck. For most jobs in the typical suburban yard, a deck 30-40 inches should be sufficient. If you have a large expanse of yard with few obstacles, you may want to consider a deck that is slightly larger.

Another factor to consider when buying a new riding lawn mower is the motor. If you intend on cutting high grass or broom sage, you may want to opt for a higher horsepower model. If you do not need much power, you should go with the standard. The position of the motor in the riding mower is also important. If the motor is in front, typically, it will give you more power. If the motor is in the back, you will have better visibility.

Riding lawn mowers also come with different speed controls. Some mowers come with a clutch, a clutch brake combination, a standard gearshift, or an automatic transmission. Prices will vary depending on the make and model, but expect to pay a little more for the automatic riding lawn mowers.

You should also consider adding a few options to your new riding lawn mower. Some mowers can be equipped with automatic mulchers, which chew up the grass clipping and deposit them in a storage bag, which you can later dispose of or broadcast back into your yard, returning important nutrients to your lawn. Warranty may also prove to be a good idea, especially if you are buying an off-brand riding lawn mower. Compare the warranty to others on similar models to make sure you are not getting the run-around.

The Lawn Mower Battery vs. Gasoline Mowers

If you live in the major metropolitan area and have a smaller, level yard, it may behoove you to consider the many benefits of a mower with a lawn mower battery over the traditional gasoline lawn mower.

For example, most of them are much lighter than gas powered models. That is because the materials from which they are made do not have to be as sturdy as that of their bigger cousins. Most battery-powered lawn mowers are constructed of a plastic composite material that does provide great strength for its weight. With the reduction in weight comes another advantage: easy maneuverability. With a lawn mower battery, you are more likely to avoid running over that rose bush you worked so hard planting last spring.

The noise reduction is also greatly appreciated. A mower with a lawn mower battery runs much quieter than those loud gas mowers. Also, unlike those first-generation electric lawn mowers, with a battery mower, there is no need to lug around a one-hundred-foot extension cord. You are free to roam about your yard with grace and ease.

Most batteries powered lawn mowers use a 24-volt battery, which provides plenty of power and ample time (usually about an hour and a half) to cut your grass. And with that powerful battery in your lawn mower comes another advantage: no smelly, high priced gas or oil is needed.

Some battery powered lawn mowers even come with built in mulching capabilities. Instead of bagging up those grass clippings, why not get one of these mowers, which mulches the clippings and returns them to your yard where the nutrients can be reused, giving you a better, greener yard with each cut? Though these mowers are full of benefits, there is one expense to consider when buying a battery powered lawn mower. Eventually, the battery will lose some of its recharging capabilities and will have to be replaced, which may prove to be expensive.


An automatic Lawn Mower Vs Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Choosing a Zero Turn Lawn Mower

One of the greatest inventions in the recent past for lawn care and landscaping is the zero turn lawn mower. These machines allow for a quicker cut time and easy maneuverability due to an ingenious design. A zero turn lawn mower uses the rear wheels to turn instead to the front, making them a great departure from the traditional riding lawn mowers.

How does this happen? Usually, each wheel of a zero turn lawn mower is connected to a hydrostatic transmission, a fancy name for a system that uses fluid pressure to restrict and accelerate the turning of a wheel. If one wheel is restricted from moving and the other is accelerated, essentially, the mower turns “on a dime.” These mowers are quite similar to bulldozers, though instead of a set of two tracks they use two wheels. Comparisons are also made to military tanks, and some commercial zero turn lawn mowers are not far from military grade.

Zero turn mowers are now utilized by everyone from the typical suburbanite to the professional golf course groomer. They come in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges. It is almost assured that if you are in the market for a new zero turn lawn mower, you will find one that meets your budget, needs, and expectations. Several popular models are made by Cub Cadet, Sears Craftsman, Simplicity, Snapper, Husqvarna, and Ariens. These zero point mowers range from about $3000-$7000, depending on options, and most offer 18 horsepower motors, a 40-50 inch cutting deck, a 2-3 year warranty, and ground speeds up to seven miles per hour.

Whatever zero turn lawn mower that piques your interest, be warned that you may never return to the tradition riding lawn mower. More and more people are moving over to the zero turn side, without regret or desire to go back.


Choosing an Automatic Lawn Mower

Zoom! A small, circular disk shoots across your yard, gently humming and leaving grass clippings in its wake. Are you dreaming? You surely are not; welcome to the twenty-first century and the advent of the automatic lawn mower.

An automatic lawn mower can be programmed to cut your grass all by itself. Set its parameters and the time that you would like the lawn to be cut, and that is it! Several models can run up to an hour on their high-powered batteries, and when they are done, they will return to their docking station to begin charging for its next session. An automatic lawn mower can be programmed to mow in several ways. It can begin on the perimeter and work its way to the interior; it can begin in a spot in the center and work its way outward; or it can move in a crisscross pattern, creating that ever-so-nice fairway pattern that we are all so fond of.

An automatic mower has several advantages over its noisy, manual, gas-powered cousins. The first being you don’t have to do anything. Other, more mundane, advantages are that automatic lawn mowers are quiet, they don’t use expensive and smelly gas or oil, and they do not pollute the environment. Automatic mowers are equipped with sensors that can detect when an object is in its path. The flowers, the trees, and even Fluffy are safe from the wrath of the modern automatic lawn mower.

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